Nature is the perfect model for us to determine our dietary preferences. We even refer to the hierarchy of nature as the food chain, and every animal that resides at the top is carnivorous, with one exception, us. Human beings have the power to eat freely, as we can take nearly anything from nature, and make it edible. Despite this incredible power, the food of choice is clear, and animals are on the menu.

There are many reasons why this is so, all of which can be explained scientifically, although only one explanation is suffice. The body is made of flesh and bone, it is logical to conclude that consuming these foods are a shortcut to vitality, and seems to work well for the lions and tigers. Aside from this, there are many different substances in plants, including carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats, anti-nutrients, and man-made toxins, all of which produce adverse reactions when consumed.

The one great exception to this rule is dairy, as humans are also mammals. Humanity has cleverly domesticated animals, and discovered the many secrets of dairy. Dairy can be made more nutritious with the assistance of probiotics, which consume milk sugar. Examples of such dairy products are cheese, sour cream, and kefir.

The carnivore diet rescued me from disease, and ultimately saved my life. I suffered chemical burns and developed severe psoriasis, and no medical treatment or alternative treatment could help. Not only did I find salvation for myself, I found salvation for my brother, as I am my brothers keeper. I witnessed the carnivore diet heal the wounds of my hands, and my brother's illness.

In conclusion, knowledge of the carnivore diet will bring vitality and longevity to anyone in search of the light of health.